MIR creates the platform
You create the business

Hardware is hard so let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Introducing the Vectorotor

MIR is pioneering a new way of designing drones. The Vecotorotor operates by tilting the rotors to precisely vector trust. Our patent-pending design offers a new level of control and performance for heavy lift UAVs.

Expanding What's Possible With Drones

The Vectorotor achieves a new level of performance by rethinking design assumptions. This enables our platform to outperform multirotor-based drones.

Specs and Features

Payloads, Flight Times, Performance, and much more…

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Versatile development options

On-board Environment

Our platforms come standard with an integrated Raspberry Pi. This can act as your development sandbox for any application you’re planning to build.

MIRlink Developer API

Developers can use MIRlink to communicate with every system on board. Have your payload, ground station, and any other components use MIRlink as a portal for communication.

Transparent Communication

Skip the API and have your payload and your ground station communicate directly. Seamlessly integrate your solution with no additional development.